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Seller Guarantee


We work by referral and your satisfaction is our goal
So you will refer to us and come back for your next purchase. If you are not satisfied with the job we do to sell your home then we have not done our job. We survive on referrals and recommendations and plan to earn yours!


We don’t just sell your home we make it beautiful

– We believe that the first showing is always online. Consumers are looking to the internet to find their home. We make your home look its best before we take the magazine quality picture.


We stage all of the homes we market

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Staging day is your day away so you can
come home to the “Big Reveal”

We walk through room to room and give you a report
on what needs to be done to prepare your home


Staged homes sell faster for more money

We will even use your furniture and supplement
with our art and accessories

We start the marketing as a Coming Soon property for up to 2 weeks while the prep and staging happen. Coming soon can build awareness and demand for the property. Once it looks perfect we make the listing active and tap that demand for a quick sale.


Professional photography

is included in every marketing plan, so the house looks it’s best online for the first showing. This is the critical step. After we make the home look perfect through staging we showcase that look with highest quality magazine photographs. It might cost us a little more but your home is worth it.


We show your home to the largest number of people possible 
Through our social media campaigns and re-marketing, your home will reach the largest number of people possible. We target the exact buyer we think will purchase your home.


Seller report with the list of potential buyers
We are already engaged with that might be interested in your home. With an extensive list of potential buyers already in our database we can start with them through targeted email and phone campaigns.


Price analysis
The market tells us what price the home should sell for. This is based on prior sales and current competition. We will sit with you and plan the best pricing strategy for your home. Pricing a home in the right range should help it sell more quickly for the maximum return.