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We are different than others. We stage every home. We believe in full service from a Realtor. We believe there is a higher standard buyers and sellers should expect from their Realtor. There is not much difference in North East Florida from one sales associate to another, regardless of broker. We all use the same MLS and say similar things to the buyer and at the listing table. At Sell or Dwell we say and do what others will not.

When you interview with a Broker or real estate team ask them:

Do you spend a full day in a home telling the customer exactly how to get the home ready and then staging it for sale?

Do you give the customer all the tools needed to get the home ready?

Are you honest about what needs to stay and go in an occupied home?

Are you honest about what the market price of the home might be based on the current and potential condition?

Sell or Dwell Realty Is... Unique!

Do you 100% buy in to staging and are already certified or ready to be certified as a stager?

Are you ready to join a team that looks at buying and selling real estate in a different way?

If YES to both then give us a call!



What sets us apart


Sell or Dwell Realty wants to be different than the rest… and I think we are!


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We stage every home

Every listing we take is staged by our team of professional stagers. IF the customer does not buy in we do not list it.

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Social media

We fully endorse and utilize social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to tell the home’s story and bring in buyers

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Professional photography

Without magazine quality photos the staging is wasted. We use the best in the area and each listing looks the best it can.

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Seller/buyer guarantee

We guarantee certain things to buyers and sellers to give them confidence that they are making the right decision by placing their trust in us.

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premier agent

We use the Zillow Premier Agent tools, video walkthrough, etc. in order to maximize the exposure for every listing

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All the tools

We support every associate with a CRM, transaction management, lead generation, website management, etc. so you can do your job.

TOGETHER AT Sell or dwell

Welcome to the Sell or Dwell Family


Our Team

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We make homes look beautiful


Little extras make a huge difference

Still wondering why you should join the Sell or Dwell Realty? Hear what the team has to say about why they decided to join!

Hear it from our team

Still wondering why you should join the Sell or Dwell Realty? Hear what the team has to say about why they decided to join!



Adrienne and Kevin were our agents for the successful sale of our home and also the purchase of our new home. Their expertise in staging and presenting our home brought many compliments from potential buyers and I believe greatly aided in the sale of our home. They are very knowledgeable about the  real estate market and correctly set our expectations for the sale and purchase of the houses. They were very responsive with answering our questions and concerns and kept us updated as in a timely manner. I certainly appreciate their abilities as realtors but above that I admire them for their honesty and integrity, they deserve 10 stars instead of 5.



I would like to Thank Adrienne Lord and her amazing team at Sell or Dwell real estate & staging for all their hard work and dedication to sell my first remodeled property. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her! To say she was a tremendous asset would be short sited. Adrienne  was worth her weight in gold and then some! Her customer service and attention to detail was 2nd to none! Whenever there was an issue with the potential buyer or purchasing agent Adrienne knew exactly how to find the solution! Adrienne was always available and had a record response time to every question and concern I had! She gave professional advice but always made me feel the final decisions was mine. When it was all said and done Adrienne was by my side and waited with me until the check was in my hand. She truly showed patience and professionalism throughout the entire process. Even when things weren't going in our favor, Adrienne remained confident and poised that the sale was going to go through. Her confidence allowed me to live stress free! Thank you again Adrienne @ Sell or Dwell real estate & staging for all your hard work, dedication and making this an amazing selling experience!


Jen Shannon

Kevin and Adrienne are what I consider the dream team of real estate. They not only offer buyers and sellers their impeccable service and expertise, but they offer staging. They not only offer staging for sellers wanting to stage to sell, but they offer it to buyers looking to figure out how to  best layout their new space! They also offered a lot of smaller touches that made our experience great. They gave us a welcome packet with a notebook and pen that were really helpful when trying to figure out which home we wanted and then going through the lending process so I knew where I left off. It also provided very helpful information on the process of buying a home so I knew what to expect. The best part is they were so quick to assist with anything that from the time our offer was accepted to the time we closed was 38 days, which was 7 days early! They made our experience great and I highly recommend them.

Jen Shannon

“I can’t believe the support I have received since I switched to Sell or Dwell Realty. Everything is included, lead generation and transaction tools, full staging, photos, even business cards and signs. I love that I can just focus on selling and staging!” - Sheena

“ The best part for me has been the full access to a staging Warehouse. No more having to pull from my own home or scatter across warehouses.”