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Are you on the fence about whether to stage an existing or upcoming listing? Do you stage just some of your listings and are not sure of what the benefit of staging all listings is? 
As you make your decision and strategize, consider the top five some reasons to work with not just any stager; but, a stager who is a member of the largest independent trade association of Real Estate Stagers:  RESA (Real Estate Staging Association).

Reason 1
More Listings/More Referrals: as any top producing agent will tell you, listings (not buyers!) are the lifeblood of a successful real estate career. When all of your listings are consistently staged and thus, they sell faster (for more!) - you can leverage those success stories to get even more listings! Your customers who have sold their home quickly for top dollar are more likely to be referenceable and give your name as a referral to their friends and family. 

Reason 2
Sell Faster: depending on your market, staged properties often sell in a fraction of the time of their non-staged counterparts. And, homes that sell faster, inherently sell for more! There are usually less (or no!) price reductions and the shortened sales life cycle means that the homeowner does not have as many ongoing carrying costs (less mortgage payments, insurance, maintenance, etc.). When you sell faster – you usually sell for more!

Reason 3
Stand Out from the Competition: discount and flat fee brokerages, FSBOs and even Zillow are making an already crowded marketplace even more competitive. The average seller interviews between 3-5 prospective listing agents. And, by and large, all of these agents seem to be saying pretty much the same thing at the listing table. Be different – use staging as your “secret sauce!” Price is market driven and location can’t be changed. However, the appearance/ condition of the home is the one thing that the sellers have complete control over. Talk about it up front, at the listing table! And, specifically talk about how staging can help their home present better online and in person to sell faster. Why? Because your competitors probably aren’t! 

Reason 4
Less Marketing Costs: shhh don’t tell – but, usually the seller pays for the staging! Staging that is proven to make such a huge difference in the “packaging” of the property and best of all - it is not coming out of your marketing budget!  Plus, since the home is likely to sell faster than the unstaged competition, you may have a lower overall marketing investment as the days on market is usually significantly reduced. 

Reason 5
Brand Recognition: in time, many agents that consistently use staging create a “portfolio.” There is a reason that HGTV is ranked as one of the most watched networks – people love “before and after.” Any agent can place the listing on MLS and put a sign in the yard. But, when you, at the listing table, can clearly illustrate not just stats but images of what homes you list look like – you start to develop a “look!” That look is an important part of your personal brand. The most important showing of the home is online. As an experienced Realtor, you know that – but, you may be surprised at how many of your sellers do not! Show them how staging fits into your brand to help them sell their home, fast!
Real Estate Stagers that can be found at RESA must follow a strict code of ethics. And, RESA Pro stagers have an even higher level of experience required. Before you hire just any stager, look for a RESA stager in your area!

Adrienne Lord
Adrienne is a veteran stager in Jacksonville, FL and an often-requested speaker about all things Real Estate and Staging at the National, State and Local level. She is the current President of the Jacksonville RESA Chapter and a RESA Approved instructor. Adrienne is the Owner & Lead Stager at Sell or Dwell Home Staging and a top-producing Realtor and Sales Manager with Sell or Dwell Realty