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You’ve decided to hold an open house, but is your house ready for potential homebuyers? Sure, your house may be clean and appealing, but staging can give it that wow factor. Modern buyers do not want ordinary homes, they want extraordinary ones. If yours isn’t, they’ll walk in, have a glimpse, and walk out. This is the last thing you want. Make prospective buyers linger in your home with these staging tricks.


Did you know if you list your home with Sell or Dwell your home staging services are FREE? Read on to see how to help your open house rock and then contact us about staging your listed home.

home staging tricks for open house.jpg


1.     Improve your Curb Appeal

As potential buyers drive to your home and walk to your front door, the first thing they notice is the façade. When was the last time you painted your front door? Does your garden look lively or neglected? Does your lawn have unappealing bare patches?


Overlooking your exterior is one of the grave mistakes you can make. Clean every area, repair what needs to be repaired, and paint what needs to be painted (like the front door, the exterior walls, and the mailbox).


2.     Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is an eyesore and makes buyers focus on nothing else. When buyers come to your home to see it during an open house, there is one question they ask themselves “Is this a house I can enjoy living in?” If the answer they come up with is “no,” they move to the next house.


Don’t hide clutter in closets, cabinets, and organizers, sell it or donate it. Go through every room and remove unused items and knickknacks as they take up unnecessary space. Furnishings also take up a lot of space. 


3.     Neutralize the Space

The things that make your house a home are family pictures, kids’ drawings, and other family keepsakes. But since you’re trying to sell it, you have to show buyers how perfect your home is for them, not for you.


Pack family pictures and memorabilia and keep items with religious or political undertones out of sight. If you have themed rooms, convert them into neutral spaces. Replace family pictures with canvas artworks as these look great on listing photos. You can also replace family pictures with travel images which look gorgeous in any home.


4.     Define your Rooms

If you have an unused room, stage it to show buyers its potential. Each room in your home should give buyers an idea what it is used for. If you use your guest room as a home office, be sure to convert it into a guest room before the open house. During the open house, put up tent cards to show how the room can be used for different purposes. For instance, you can put up a tent card that says “can be used as a home office or guest room.”


5.     Make Your House Smell Wonderful

Nothing is as off-putting as a bad smell. Buyers cannot stay in a home that smells bad. Steer clear of artificial air fresheners and use essential oils. You can also burn cinnamon sticks, bake a cake, or brew coffee before the open house.

A buyer visits several houses before deciding which one to buy. If yours lingers in their mind, chances are they will make an offer. Since you’re competing with other home sellers for a single buyer, you have to ensure your home stands out from the crowd. Make the most of these useful staging tricks.