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Downsizing your home can be an exhilarating experience. Living with less is all the rage these days. If you are planning to sell your home and move to a smaller place, it’s time to start downsizing. The truth is you don’t need all the stuff you have in your home. Some of your drawers could be filled with things you’ve never used – and probably never will. Don’t hold onto things you don’t need, downsize and start living comfortably. When the time comes for you to move, you won’t break a sweat.

Make a Priority List of What You Really Need

There are belongings and personal effects you can’t live without, and things you can replace. Make a list of the must-haves, the non-essentials, and the rest. Things you can replace should be the first to go when space becomes limited.

The 60-inch TV you have may not fit in your new living room, the treadmill in the bedroom may just be gathering dust, and you probably never use the stereo save for special occasions. Think about your daily life and prioritize the important items. Create the list 3-4 months before you move so you can go through it and be certain about your decision.



Measure Your Furniture and the Rooms

This is the only way to be certain that your current furniture will fit in your new home. If your current home is spacious, you may have large furniture pieces. But that sectional sofa and that sofa bed might not go past the front door of your new home.

Measure the furniture in each room as well as the room itself and compare it to its counterpart in your next home. In addition, make sure you take each room’s measurements in your new home. If there is a floor plan available, get it. Check where the doors and windows are located as they will determine how you place furniture.

Sell or Donate What You Don’t Need

When downsizing your home, selling or donating unused items is a great way to be rid of them. You can sell the items in online marketplaces like Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay or hold a yard sale. Get together with your neighbors and host a yard sale. Try to make as much money as you can as you’ll be able to buy the things you need for your new home.

If you’ve decided to donate the items, look for a local charity to avoid high transportation costs. Call local charities and ask if they accept the items you are donating. If they don’t, ask if they can suggest a charity that does. You can use Charity Navigator’s database to find local charities.

Modern homes are getting smaller and smaller and those who learn to live with less will be the most comfortable. If you are moving into a smaller space or you’ve recently become an empty nester, cut down to the necessities. While the experience may be difficult, it’s a rewarding one.