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Did you know home staging along with a feng shui approach can help your home appeal to buyers? Since ancient times, feng shui has been popular in China. Literally translated, it means wind-water. Feng shui enhances well-being by changing how chi or qi (the energy of the universe) flows through a home. A few years ago, the design philosophy made its way into real estate. Some homebuyers look for feng shui-friendly homes. If you want to attract more homebuyers, transform your home with these feng shui home staging tips. Here’s how to go about it.

Add Natural Features throughout your Interiors



Potential buyers who love feng shui – or practice it – will look for the presence of the 5 feng shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Bring in the wood element by decorating with houseplants that purify the air. Light a fire in the fireplace to show off the fire element.

The earth element, which generates knowledge, nourishment, and stability, can be represented by lovely stones – like salt lamps. The metal element can be introduced with decorations like ornate vases and the water element can be introduced with a decorative fountain.

Spruce Up your Front Door

Since energy enters your home through the front door, welcome it by adding pizzazz to your front door. Paint the door a different color from your home and place 2 planters with plants before it. Pick plants with rounded leaves as sharp leaves look more aggressive. You can also add interest with a welcome mat.

Get Rid of Clutter

Feng shui is all about the free flow of energy through your home. Cluttered tables, shelves, and countertops are red flags to buyers who love feng shui. If your kitchen cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, place living plants on top of them. Remove kitchen essentials from countertops before showings.

Place Mirrors Strategically

When it comes to feng shui, mirrors can be your friend or foe. They can visually enhance a room and add to the brightness. They are used to express the water feng shui element and can add good energy to certain areas of your home. They also add calmness to spaces.

The best areas to have mirrors are north, east, and southeast. North represents career and path in life, east represents family and health, and southeast represents wealth and abundance. Feng shui areas you should avoid placing big mirrors are opposite the main door, above your bed, opposite the bed, and south – which represents fame and reputation.

Free Your Bed from the Wall

According to the principles of feng shui, your bed should be accessible from every angle. Don’t place it in front of a window as big furniture pieces need a solid wall for support. If you use your bedroom as an office or to study, divide it with a room divider to prevent the work energy from getting into the bedroom. Get rid of the TV or put it in a cabinet during showings.

When it comes to feng shui, balance is everything. Use these feng shui home staging tips to create a space that allows chi to flow naturally. Delight buyers’ senses by filling your home with feng shui elements.