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You may not know it, but a clean house can go a long way toward attracting potential buyers. If it is free of clutter, it may also sell quicker. Regardless of the updates, you make to your home, you must still clean it regularly for as long as it is on the market. If you happen to get a call from your realtor and they say that some potential buyers are coming to see your home, use these cleaning tips to transform it in the least possible time.

Cleaning Tips - Put Clutter into Empty Bins

As soon as you get the call, bring out empty totes and put the items on tables, counters, and other surfaces inside them. While the objects may not be many, they may make potential buyers think that your house has insufficient space. That’s why it’s so important to keep them out of sight.

Put the totes in a large closet or under a bed. If there is no space in your home for them, you can put them in your car and take them with you when you leave before the showing.



Clean all Rooms, Especially Ones That Buyers Are Most Interested In

It’s no secret that buyers are interested in some rooms more than others. Go through your living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom and examine them as buyers would. Clear the countertops and surfaces and vacuum areas with a high amount of traffic. Use a dust mop to dust wood floors.

When cleaning the rooms, be sure to focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Brush toilets and put toilet-bowl cleaners in them. Put out new hand soap and hang fresh towels.

Cleaning Tips Checklist:

In addition to cleaning your home before a showing, there are other things you can do quickly to get your home ready. Here are a few.

  • Remove all coats and shoes from the entryway to ensure potential buyers don’t trip over them
  • Wash all the dirty utensils at the sink and wipe the sink
  • Hide all the pet items like litter boxes and food dishes. Not all prospective buyers are animal lovers
  • Pack all the kids’ toys and keep them out of sight
  • Make the beds
  • Quickly organize closets and close all their doors
  • Sweep the patio, entryway, and clean the front door
  • Get rid of trash and put clean liners in trash cans
  • Pull back curtains or drapes
  • Turn on lights in dark rooms
  • Take your pets to a friend’s or a neighbor’s
  • Add a natural fragrance

Truth be told, it’s impossible to thoroughly clean your entire home before a home  showing. Fortunately, you can get your home ready for prospective buyers if you use these cleaning tips. Clean the most visible areas of your home and showcase its best features. No doubt about it, buyers will be impressed.