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St. Augustine has been voted the best city to live in Florida by financial magazine Money. If you’re thinking of moving to Florida, this is where you should move to.

St. Augustine, the oldest town in North America, has always been a great city to live in, although it has a small population – of approximately 14,000. Over the years, the city has seen many developments, both big and small.

The financial magazine gave many reasons why this is Florida’s best city, top of which were its thriving economy, its lovely nature, and its nearness to the beach. St. Augustine has many reasons to shine. One of its biggest selling points is its low unemployment rate.

St. Augustine is not only the popular city in St. Johns County, Ponte Vedra is, too. Coastal Living named it one of the 20 best places to live in at the coast.

This Accolade Will Trigger Economic Development

While the residents of St. Augustine may not be too happy about their gem being discovered by other people, there are many benefits that come with having a town on such a list. Melissa Glasgow, the county’s director of economic development, said that such an accolade can help a town to create interest in economic development. The city can promote itself as the best place to live in its marketing materials and on its website.

Companies are always looking for new corporate headquarters and manufacturing locations, so such a tribute can give a city a competitive edge over other cities.

Money gave St. Augustine top marks for economic growth. The projected job growth rate between 2016 and 2021 is 18 percent. The ability to increase jobs is crucial to the town’s continued liveliness. Glasgow said that the main foundation in economic development is to position a city as a potential place for businesses to succeed.

It also helps that St. Johns County is gorgeous and has an abundance of natural features like beaches and parks. It has a great quality of life.

St. Augustine Has Many Great Features

Walkability is another great feature of St. Augustine’s. Since parking is scarce in some places, it’s great to know you can walk to most places. The city’s average commute time is 18 minutes and approximately 14 percent of the inhabitants walk or bike to work.

The densely populated environment is also great as neighbors interact easily. While it may look like a tiny, sleepy town, it has the vitality of a city. It offers the best of both worlds.

The town’s residents come from diverse backgrounds: some have lived here their whole lives while others moved here from different towns. The town is made up of genuine neighborhoods and people always look out for each other.

If you’ve been thinking of moving to St. Johns County, move to St. Augustine. You will love its great features and feel at home in no time.