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Are you having problems selling your house? Sometimes homes come off the market unsold. Why does this happen? There are many reasons why a home may not sell. Setting the price too high, not carrying out repairs, or bad advertising photos. If your home is not selling, check whether you’re making these home selling mistakes.

1. Is your Asking Price Too High?

This is the major reason why most homes don’t sell. A home similar to yours may have sold for $250,000 six months ago, but this doesn’t mean you ask for the same amount. Demand and supply conditions always come into play. The market changes constantly and house prices may have gone down.

In a buyer’s market, most home sellers reduce their asking price. If you don’t lower your price early, you may end up chasing buyers and get a lower sale price than you would have gotten at the beginning. Even if it’s a seller’s market, don’t increase your asking price. Ensure you know your home’s value before setting the price.



2. Does your Home Need Improving?

Some homeowners decide not to pay for improvements because they won’t enjoy them for long. However, if you want to sell your home for a high price, you must make sure it is in tip-top condition. Homebuyers not only look at a home’s size, they look at its condition. Every buyer wants value for their money.

If your property has had many showings but no offers are forthcoming, it could be giving buyers the wrong impression. The front door may be in need of paint, the interior may have a weird smell, or the garden may be untidy. Walk through your home and see what needs improving.

...we don't just sell your home, we make it BEAUTIFUL!

3. Have you Hired the Wrong Agent?

Your house may be priced right and in tip-top condition, but the problem could be your agent. Remember your agent is your representative. They may have the necessary qualifications but lack social skills. Hire someone who is outgoing and has your best interests at heart. You may need to fire your current agent so as to get a better one.

4. You May Have Poor Advertising Photography

Buyers search online first before deciding whether or not to go see a house. Most real estate sites and apps only show a home’s first photo. The big mistake most home sellers make is to put their home’s façade as the first photo – even though it’s not always the most beautiful part.

Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home and you’ll be sure to capture buyers’ attention. In addition, put the most beautiful part of your home as the first photo.

Here at Sell or Dwell we pride ourselves on taking professional, magazine quality photos and coupled with our social media marketing, we can help determine why your home isn't selling.

5. Old Fixtures, Fittings, and Appliances

Many buyers won’t lose interest in a home with old things – if the price is right. If your home has an old kitchen or bathroom, price it right. No buyer will pay a lot of money for a house that’s not in great shape. If your budget allows, replace what needs to be replaced.

Let us help you avoid these home selling mistakes that can cost you time and money.

...we pride ourselves on taking professional, magazine quality photos

6. Is it staged to sell? 

You might think that your home does not need more furniture or paintings on the wall. Staging is more than that. It is a process of getting the home in perfect marketable shape. When you sell a car you clean it, wax it and make sure it is running its best. Your home is the most important financial investment you have. Why not do the same thing? At Sell or Dwell we don't just sell your home, we make it BEAUTIFUL! We will help you de-clutter, get all the rooms looking their best and enhance with our own inventory when needed.