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In any real estate market, you have to do everything possible to ensure your home stands out from the crowd. It should always be in a show-worthy state because prospective buyers may come to see it at any time. After you’ve carried out repairs, decluttered, and spruced up the exterior, there’s still more you can do. Make your abode a magnet for buyers by doing these 6 things.



Don’t Say No To Any Showing

Yes, it may be late at night or you may be out of town, but never turn down a showing. Keep in mind that the time that may be convenient for buyers may not be convenient for you. Those buyers that come to see your home at night could be the ones that buy your home. Do your very best to accommodate all potential buyers.

Lighten Up your Dark Rooms

You may have rooms in your home that remain dark throughout the day. Nothing is as off-putting as a dark room. It looks dull and dreary. Turn on the lights in dark rooms to create a warm and welcoming environment. Buyers will linger in the space.

Place floor lamps in rooms that are devoid of light. Leave the lights on during the day and don’t worry about the cost. The impact lights have far outweighed their cost.

Make Sure All Rooms Are Cleaned and De-cluttered

You should never stop doing these two things if you want your home to sell quickly. Get rid of all personal belongings and eliminate strange smells – put your normal life on hold.

Before a showing put dirty clothes in laundry baskets and wash dirty utensils. Pack anything that takes up precious space like toys and kitchen appliances. You can hide everyday items in your car or under beds.

Neutralize Kids’ Rooms

Your little girl may love Frozen and your boy may love Star Wars but prospective buyers may not. Neutralize kids’ rooms by getting rid of personal belongings and repainting them. Don’t let buyers get the impression that the home is “used”. Remember that even a cute baby room can drive buyers away.

Don’t Let your Home be a Liability

Remove small rugs that people can trip over, mark half steps so buyers can easily spot them, and ensure the flooring is even. If buyers get hurt on your property, they can sue. Something else that could get you sued is not disclosing problems that might discourage homebuyers – no matter how small they are.

Vacate your Home During Showings

Hovering around during showings does more harm than good. Buyers don’t feel comfortable and cannot picture your house as their home. You may think that chatting with buyers will increase the chances of selling your home but it can do the opposite. Buyers want to feel comfortable in your home and if you are around they won’t be.