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A home inspection is essential when purchasing a home and shouldn't be forgotten when looking for houses. Buying a house is no small investment and that’s why many home buyers hire home inspection experts – they want to get great value for their money. A home inspector examines vital structural features such as the insulation, the foundation, the electrical wiring, and the roof. If you want to sell your home fast, paying for a home inspection is a no-brainer. Here are 5 reasons why the procedure is essential.

A Home Inspection Can Empower the Seller

In a buyer’s market, a home inspection can give you as a seller a competitive edge. You may have renovated your home and staged it and still not get any offers. When you have your home inspected, you can list it with confidence.

If you are a home seller consider having a pre-inspection done. This will show buyers you’ve gone above and beyond what’s expected, that you are different from other home sellers. They have peace of mind as they know your home is an “open book.”

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A Home Inspection Can Save Money in the Future

If your home is in need of repairs and you don’t do them, you may be forced to reduce your asking price once a prospective home buyer pays for an inspection and problems are found. The buyer may also withdraw their offer or negotiate a lower price.

Generally, you don’t pay as much for repairs if you do them beforehand because buyers might be willing to pay more for your house – catering for the repair costs.

An Inspection Can Reveal Hidden Flaws and Highlight Assets

When you have an inspection done beforehand and problems are found, you can fix them. If you can’t afford the repairs, potential homebuyers can factor them into their offer. A home inspection helps you to be totally honest with buyers – and as a result avoid any claims that might be made later on.

It can also show off your home’s best features, like solar power installations and electrical upgrades.

Giving Home Buyers Confidence is Important

When a homebuyer buys a house that has been inspected, they feel confident. They don’t experience buyer’s remorse as they get exactly what they pay for. On the other hand, if a home hasn’t been inspected, buyers don’t know what to expect – it could have mold, faulty wiring, or unwanted pests like termites.

A home inspection assures potential buyers that there are no surprises in store, that what they see is what they get. While they may pay for their own inspection, they don’t feel uncomfortable about placing a bid.

A Home Inspection Could Help Avoid Repeat Repairs

When carrying out repairs on your home, there’s always the possibility that you may misdiagnose a problem. Having an inspection done can help you to avoid shelling out cash on needless repairs. For example, if your toilet has difficulty flushing, you may think it’s the problem while the problem could be in your septic tank. A home inspector can identify the problem and tell you what needs to be done.

Buying a home is a very big decision and no one wants to get it wrong.  Pay for a pre-inspection and give prospective buyers peace of mind. It will make you look honest in their eyes. Your realtor can help you find a home inspection expert.