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No doubt about it, it takes a lot to make a home magazine-worthy. However, this doesn’t mean you should carry out a massive renovation; there are many small things you can do to make your home appealing to homebuyers. Here are some home staging secrets – that you probably never knew – we can help you to achieve.

1. Separate Cleaning Areas into Zones

Decluttering is the best thing you can do to get your home ready for buyers. If you are living in your home as you try to sell it, learn to live with less. Get rid of one item for every new one that you bring in. A house with fewer things looks more spacious.

A room with less is easy to clean and organize. Note down the clutter hotspots in your home and divide them into zones. Work on one zone at a time, spending more time on the more cluttered ones.



2. Arrange Furniture into Groups

You may have the misconception that your living room will feel bigger if you push furniture against the walls. However, this is not the case. Float furniture to enhance the flow of traffic.

Create conversation areas using chairs and sofas and place each piece strategically so homebuyers can easily see the traffic flow. When you float furniture, you open up a room and make it appear larger.

3. Repurpose an Unused Room into a Better Function

If you have a room that holds nothing but junk, repurpose it. Turn it into a place that will add to the value of your home. Add a small table, a lamp, a cozy armchair, and a throw to transform it into a reading spot.

You can also turn the extra room into a yoga studio by adding some comfy pillows and laying a carpet on the floor. Hang lovely curtains on the walls to hide them from prying eyes.

Choose 3 types of lights for every space: accent, task, and ambient lights.

4. Use Lighting Fixtures the Right Way

Nothing makes a room come alive like great lighting. Lighting can extend daylight and make a home appear stunning to buyers who drive by at night.

Choose 3 types of lights for every space: accent, task, and ambient lights. They all serve specific functions in rooms: some emphasize architectural features while others highlight work areas.

When choosing lighting fixtures, consider a room’s function.

5. Embrace Neutral Paint Colors

Paint rooms neutral colors to make them appear visually bigger. You’ll also make buyers not focus on any unbecoming features in the rooms. If you hate white rooms with a passion, consider other neutral colors – like beige, ivory, and light gray. Bold rooms have a way of making potential buyers run for the hills so steer clear of them.

Make your patio look bigger by painting it green – to mimic nature’s color. In the living room, draw inspiration from your drapery and paint the walls the same hue. The room will look bigger.

A staged home makes buyers want to linger. They see themselves living there. Allow us to help you achieve these home staging secrets and make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Contact us and visit our home staging site at Sell or Dwell Home Staging for more tips and a consultation. 


And remember, "List with me and your staging is FREE!" 

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