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Home maintenance tips are essential for all times of year! Now that the days have become shorter and nights longer, it’s time to prepare for fall homebuyers. Fall is the perfect time to tackle pending repairs as winter can make it impossible for you to do any outdoor work. If you expect to sell your home for top dollar, it has to be move-in ready. Don’t postpone repairs until it’s too late. Do these fall home maintenance projects to enhance the value of your home and to make it cozy.

Get Your Fireplace Ready for the Cooler Weather

If you haven’t used your fireplace in a while, it may not be in good working condition. Make sure the damper is functioning by checking the flue. If you can see sunlight when you look up the flue, the damper is ok. If you notice any damage in the fireplace, call an expert.

Add a fire pit to outdoor seating. It will become a focal point and also offer warmth when the evenings are cool. If your budget allows, you can install a fireplace in your outdoor room.



Home Maintenance Tips: Change Your Lighting Fixtures

While you can do nothing about the shorter fall days, you can do something about your home’s lighting. Go through each room to check if it is well lit. Get new light bulbs and lighting fixtures for dark rooms. Buy light bulbs whose color-rendering index is high as they give the best light.

To improve the lighting in each room, spread light throughout. Don’t just rely on overhead lights for illumination, add floor lamps to large rooms and task lights to rooms where you carry out activities.

Eliminate Drafts with Window Treatments

Drafts are a common thing in fall. Get rid of them by layering window treatments for insulation. You can also change a room’s look by changing the layers. To make your home warmer, get curtains made with insulating material. Decrease energy consumption by opening window treatments on south-facing windows at daytime.insulating material. Decrease energy consumption by opening window treatments on south-facing windows at daytime.

Add Vibrancy to Rooms with Fall Colors and Decor

Fall’s colors are captivating. They will transform your home and have a positive effect on buyers’ moods. Get fall flowers and aromatherapy diffusers to bring the outdoors in.

Add colorful accent pillows to sofas to brighten them up. You can transport color throughout your home by using the same color in different ways. For instance, you can use butter yellow on your kitchen wall and the fireplace mantel in your living room.

Tackle Outdoor Repairs

Winter brings with it many problems. Be sure to steer clear of them by tackling outdoor repairs. Insulate drafty doors and windows, repair leaking spots on your roof, clean the gutters and fix peeling paint. Replace old features and fixtures to ensure you keep moisture and air out. Do not ignore drainage problems as they will only escalate in winter.

When your home’s exterior is in great shape in fall, it will remain in the same condition during winter. Additionally, the façade will look awesome throughout the cold season.

Homebuyers want a move-in ready home, not one in need of repairs. Make sure your home stands out from the rest and you’ll be sure to capture their attention. Tackle these fall home maintenance projects.