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Your home may be small in size but it doesn’t have to look small to home buyers. There is a myriad of ways to add space visually. Transform the existing space and make it appealing to buyers. Generally, buyers are willing to pay more for a bigger house. Use these clever tips to make your home appear visually larger.

Do Away with Clutter

It need not be said that clutter takes up a lot of space. The first thing you should do to make your home seem bigger is dispose of clutter. Sell or donate things you don’t need and throw away old ones. Keep the surfaces and closets in your home neat. Remove objects from counters and small pictures from walls.  Using larger canvas paintings fill up space and are inexpensive to add. Since you have limited space, don’t display knick-knacks or personal collections.



Paint the Walls a Neutral Color

Dark wall colors shrink rooms and make them look like caves. Paint interior walls light colors like white, cream, and ivory, and beige. The rooms will be bright and airy. A neutral wall reflects light and makes the most of natural and artificial light. If you are not fond of white, try an off-white color or a pastel. You can paint the molding and trim a different color to make them stand out.

Make the Most of Light

No home buyer enjoys stepping inside a dark room. It is uninviting and off-putting. Light makes a room bright and enhances its beauty. Open window treatments during the day to let in natural light. In addition, don’t block natural light with furniture or décor objects. Place them next to walls without windows.

At night, turn on the lights to attract buyers who drive by. If your budget allows, install recessed lighting fixtures. They provide soft light and don’t consume a lot of space. They also look good in any room. If your region enjoys a lot of sunshine, get a skylight.

Make the Most of Your Furniture

Furniture pieces take up a lot of space and can make rooms look cramped. You can sell your current furnishings and replace them with multi purpose ones. Get beds with storage underneath or a coffee table with hidden storage.

Also, make sure your rooms only have essential furniture pieces. Having too much furniture is not a good thing. Rearrange furnishings to improve the flow of traffic in rooms.

Decorate with Mirrors and Glass Furniture Pieces

Mirrors and glass furniture create the illusion of space. Get them and add depth to your home. Place them opposite windows to reflect light and boost the views. Glass furnishings will open up the space. You can use Lucite furniture pieces that appear to take up less space than opaque ones.

You may not be able to change many things in your small home, but you can visually enlarge the space. Use these clever tips and you’ll be sure to win over potential buyers.

In addition, if you are not able to make these changes yourself, hire a professional. Sell or Dwell has the furniture, accessories, wall hangers and (most importantly) the expertise to make your home even more perfect for sale.