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A new year is all about new beginnings. As you make personal resolutions for the year, don’t forget to make resolutions for your home – yes, New Year home resolutions. Come up with resolutions that will make your home more gorgeous, efficient, and green. Here are 5 great New Year’s resolutions you can set.

Go Green and Reduce Your Energy & Water Bills

Going green doesn’t mean installing pricey solar panels or buying a hybrid car – although both are great ways of going green. You can go green by decreasing your home’s energy usage. When you go out of a room, turn off the lights. Install LED bulbs in every room and get an energy-efficient toilet and showerhead. Additionally, only use the washing machine and dishwasher when you have a lot of utensils and laundry. Also, do not water your yard every day and start composting.



Get Rid of Clutter throughout your Home

One great way to start off the New Year on the right foot is by streamlining your home. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you don’t use all the items in your closets and cabinets. Why not sell or donate the things you don’t use? Remember, the more clutter your home has, the uglier it looks. Take time to examine every room and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Try to Make Your Home Safer

Sure, your home may be the most beautiful in the neighborhood, but is it safe? Do these things to ensure your home isn’t a fire risk or a health hazard.

  • Check for radon. This odorless gas is one of the leading causes of lung cancer.
  • Check for dryer lint – a highly combustible material
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector
  • Test for asbestos flooring and lead paint (if your house was built before 1978)

Create a System for Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning will be much easier if you have a system. You can create 2 cleaning systems: a daily one and a weekly one. Every day, clean dirty dishes, put dirty clothes in the hamper and hang clean clothes in the closet. Weekly cleaning can comprise cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Enlist your family’s help as you’ll get done faster. Take a look at these tips to clean your home.

Make Your House a Perfect Entertaining Spot

We all wish we could spend more time with our family and friends. Make it happen this year by updating your entertaining areas. You don’t have to buy new furniture and décor objects, simply rearrange the items or repaint rooms. Add plants and natural features to rooms to give them a finished look. It’s also a lovely way to decorate if you have limited funds.

New Year’s resolutions are not limited to your life, you can also set them for your home. This year, set some resolutions and make your home all you’ve ever wanted it to be. You’ll enjoy spending time in it every day.