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For many home buyers, the process of buying a home begins with an online search. Some studies show as many as 90% of potential home buyers conduct the first search online. Surfing the web gives you an idea of the listings available and their prices. Most home sellers list their homes on MLS so finding a house you like isn’t hard. When looking for a home online, avoid these common home searching mistakes.


1. Looking At Houses You Can’t Afford

Searching for a home online can be a long and tedious process. For the best outcome, stick to your budget. Don’t waste your time looking at homes you cannot afford. One of the best ways to determine your price range is by using a mortgage pre-approval calculator or talk with your local mortgage lender and make sure to be a pre-qualification letter. Real estate RSS feeds and email alerts can keep you informed and updated on specific house markets.

It can be very hard to change your mind once you love a particular home. Knowing that you are unable to afford it compounds the problem and you end up stressed. To avoid this, only look at homes within your price range. A house comes with extra costs which might significantly increase its price.


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Some studies show as many as 90% of potential home buyers conduct the first search online.


2. Making an Offer before Seeing the House

One common home searching mistake some buyers make is to offer to buy a house before seeing it. Even if you are super selective and have a long checklist, more than one home will meet your requirements. Be open and look at several houses before making up your mind. In case you don’t like one, you can move on to the next.

While it is wise to make a quick offer once you find something you like, don’t be desperate. You must ensure the home is right for you. It’s better to search for longer than experience buyer’s remorse later on.


3. Not Hiring a Realtor

You cannot find the right house without the help of a real estate agent. A realtor can also help you to get a better deal. They will also ensure that all the necessary documentation is dealt with, preventing future problems.

A realtor serves as your representative, ensuring you understand what you are buying. They know their local area quite well and can point you to the best houses. As a result, you can quickly make up your mind about the homes you have looked up online.

Plus, the Sell or Dwell team can help with finding the true value of the home, assist with getting you a loan and help with your in-home design after you move in!


4. Limit Your Home Search to a Single Search Engine

Relying on a single search engine can narrow your search right from the start. Homeowners list their homes on several sites and some don’t show up on all search engines. Concentrating on one site puts you at a disadvantage. You may find it hard to confirm whether a house is still on the market. Using multiple search engines helps you to establish the accuracy of listings. Sell or Dwell will also be able to set up a detailed search made just for your needs. 

If you are searching for a home, the internet is a great place to start. The numerous listings provide a wide selection  for home buyers. During your search, be sure to avoid these home searching mistakes. Your search will be easier and more productive. Once you've looked on the internet then contact Sell or Dwell to help you make an informed decision on what home to see in person.