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A house is the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy so it’s important to ensure you buy the right one. Ask your realtor the right questions; don’t wait till it’s too late. That way, you’ll know you’re making the right choice.

Here are 5 excellent questions to ask your realtor when buying a home.

Realtor Questions to Ask Before You Look for a Home

realtor questions to ask sell or dwell.png


Have Any Renovations Been Done to The House Recently?

Asking this question helps you to know how much the home sellers paid for repairs. It also helps you to estimate the amount they expect to get for the house. If no renovations have been done, you can approximate how much you are likely to pay for them.

Asking about renovations lets you know whether the sellers are trying to hide the house’s weaknesses or if there are pending issues and their possible cost. If the sellers have recently updated electrical wiring and plumbing, the house may be worth buying.

Can I Talk Directly to The Sellers?

If possible, ask to speak directly to the home sellers. They may help clarify some issues your realtor hasn’t been clear about. Speaking to a seller can help you know their reasons for selling, the minimum acceptable price, or the best and worst points of the house.

When speaking to sellers, have questions that only they can answer and aim to get satisfactory answers from them.

How Long Has the House Been on Sale?

Finding out how long the property has been on the market can work in your favor. If the house has been put up for sale recently, the home seller may not be willing to decrease the price. If it’s been on sale for over three months, chances are you can negotiate. 

Find out why the property is not selling. Is the price too high or are there structural issues? Has the seller received any offers from potential buyers and turned them down? Why? This will determine how much negotiating room you have.

How Old Is the Property?

The general condition and age of a house determine how much you will spend on maintenance. An older house is more expensive to maintain. Find out the roof’s age to know whether it requires repairs.

Additionally, ask about the home’s foundation. While concrete foundations are common, there are many types. Inquire what existed before the house was built to avoid dealing with dampness or drainage issues.

What Are the Maintenance Costs?

It’s essential to find out what home ownership costs come with buying a house. Other than mortgage payments, other costs include utility bills, insurance, and property tax. Ask if there’s a homeowners association fee, council tax, and other costs.

Property tax is calculated according to a home’s value and will, therefore, be influenced by the buying price. Get a rough estimate of how much these costs add up to before making up your mind. If there are many recurring monthly costs, you may end up paying more.

Ask your realtor these questions and see what answers you get. It is the first step towards owning your dream home.