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When shopping for a family home, your kids come first. Sure, aspects such as the location, price, and school district are important, but equally important are the home’s amenities. Family-friendly homes cater to adults as well as children. Here are some things you should prioritize if you want to buy a home your kids will enjoy growing up in.

1. Welcoming Foyer with Entryway Storage

Entryway storage is a must if you plan to keep your home organized. If there is no place to keep things, kids will dump their belongings on the floor. Choose a house with entry storage to avoid clutter – the more storage space available, the better.

Shelves, closets, and cubbies provide plenty of storage and help de-clutter your home. Different storage options can help make your entryway a beautiful place.


family selling home ideas kids room.jpeg


2. A Laundry Room That is Easily Accessible

The younger your kids are, the more wardrobe changes there will be. Get a home with a laundry room on the main level to make your work easy. It should be large enough to accommodate a washer and dryer, water lines, and a drain.

The laundry room’s location is important because you don’t want to keep going down to the basement to do laundry. A room near the kitchen or the bedrooms can be very handy. The room’s lighting, flooring, and storage are also important things to consider.

3. Built-in Storage throughout the House

Storage is a necessity in every home, especially one with children. Built-in storage is better because it effectively maximizes space, making organization easy. Kids’ sports equipment, books, toys, and other items require plenty of space.

Built-in storage keeps clutter at bay and also frees up floor space for your family. It minimizes accidents among small kids and enhances a home’s beauty and functionality. A home with many closets, cabinets, and open shelves is worth investing in.

4. Bathrooms that Cater to Your Kids

A family bathroom must have lots of storage, long-lasting fixtures, and surfaces that are easy to maintain. A non-slip floor prevents falls while anti-scald valves on faucets safeguard against burns. A hand-held shower rinses off hair quickly.

To maintain organization, it is essential to have lots of space and storage. Your kids will have an easy time moving around and towels, toys, and other bathroom essentials will have a home.


5. Additional Space Indoors or Out

Outdoor space is a necessity when you have small children as it increases play options. Being able to see outdoors when you’re indoors is an added bonus. You can work while keeping an eye on your children. Get a house with a securely fenced compound and you won’t have to worry about your toddlers wandering off.

Extra indoor space is also valuable. Look for a room or space that can be used for different purposes.

If you don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse, examine amenities before buying your family a home. Remember it is the home your kids will grow up in so it’s only fair to do your due diligence and find a home that the entire family will enjoy.

When you are ready to find that perfect home with all the family-friendly amenities call Sell or Dwell. We will sit down and set a plan with you that incorporates these and other important needs. We can be reached anytime at 904-342-0248 or at