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AIt is no secret that the sun in Florida is harsh. The heat can become unbearable so homeowners are always trying to make their homes cooler. Heat not only increases your utility bills, it also makes your home uncomfortable to live in. To keep your home cool, reduce the amount of heat flowing in. Here are some ways you can make your Florida home cooler – and save money while at it.

Add Insulation to Your Home

To keep your home cool, you must ensure the cool air stays inside. Seal off any areas that might be allowing air to escape. Gaps around windows and doors are quick to let air out. Caulk and sealant guns help seal off air leaks – keep them close this season

Entry doors insulated with fiberglass are not only durable, they add value to homes and keep hot air out. Other ways to keep your home cool include specialized ceilings, batts of fiberglass between your garage and walls, and exterior masonry walls. Foam board insulation fills the hollow parts within your exterior walls, providing a heat barrier in your home.

florida home cooling ideas.jpeg


Add Cooling Systems to Your Home

Try a Dehumidifier

Humidity makes indoor air much warmer than it is. Instead of evaporating, the air soaks into your clothes, resulting in excessive heat and stickiness. A dehumidifier helps clear excess moisture from your home, leaving it cooler during the hot season. Dehumidifiers work best if you keep your windows closed and don't let in humid warm air.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save you around $180 a year. It is designed to regulate temperatures according to pre-programmed settings. It is convenient and offers great value for money.

Ceiling, Exhaust, and Attic Fans

Ceiling and exhaust fans are great for keeping your home cool and eliminating humidity. Built-in exhaust fans change indoor air almost instantly by effectively making the most of the cool outdoor temperatures.

Change your ceiling fans so that they rotate anticlockwise and circulate cool air. A solar powered attic fan is a great option because it’s designed to expel heat through the attic. It is easy to install and only works when the sun is shining. 

Look for Loss of Air through your Windows

Open your windows to let in cool air when it’s cooler outdoors and close them as soon as it becomes hot. Since hot air rises, generate a natural breeze by opening windows downstairs when it’s cool. Close windows immediately it starts to get hot and anytime you leave the house.

Invest in reflective window film as it will keep the heat outside. Double pane, tilt sash windows are easy to clean and also reflect infrared energy, reducing the amount of heat getting into your home.

home office cooling ideas.jpeg


Change Air Filters

Window screens with inbuilt air filters are ideal for downstairs windows because they prevent dust or pollen from getting into your home.

Also change AC air filters regularly. They catch dust, pollen, and other small particles found in the air but when they are blocked, cool air is unable to pass through. Changing dirty or clogged air filters enables your air conditioner to work optimally.  

These tips will help you to keep your Florida home cool. Try them out and see a significant change in your utility bills.